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T&T Team Program
Competitive classes are broken into 2 programs. The T&T Team, and T&T Team Developmental. Registration for T&T Team Developmental is upon invitation or after graduation from recreational class Level 3.

T&T Team Developmental KIDS is an invite only class for young children who wish to compete in the future. 

T&T Team Developmental is for students ages 6 and up working on USAG Levels 4-7.  Students who have completed recreational Level 3 requirements are also able to join.  This team has opportunities for State and Regional Competitions as well as Clinics & local Training Camps.

T&T Team is for students USAG Level 8 - Elite. The T&T Competative Team will have  opportunities for State, Regional, National and International Competitions as well as Clinics & Training Camps.

Our goal is to develop World Class athletes whose goals are to compete at World Cups, World Championships, and the Olympic Games. 

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